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Soundstream HDHU14+ Installation Guide | 2014+ Street Glide

Soundstream HDHU14+ Installation Guide | 2014+ Street Glide

Please follow these installation tips when you're ready to install your new Soundstream Reserve HDHU.14 head unit in your 2014+ Harley-Davidson® Touring Motorcycle.

These tips are intended to be used in conjunction with our full installation video below:

NOTE: Road Glide riders, please refer to page 23 of the instruction manual for disassembly and installation instructions. 

Step 1: Installing your Soundstream head unit:

The Body: This consists of the Soundstream head unit chassis, wiring harness and hand control module (if selected at checkout). These items will be preassembled for you when your kit arrives at your door. 

You're going to install this first!

Follow the disassembly process in the video above to remove your factory Harley-Davidson radio. Install your new Soudstream head unit kit and make all the wiring harness connections: the main harness connection to your Harley-Davidson factory harness connection, AM/FM antenna connection, USB connection and the provided Soundstream microphone connection if you desire to use voice commands or talk on the phone.

  • All of the plugs in our wiring harness are keyed plugs, which means they will only fit their match on the Harley-Davidson wiring connector/plug side. All you're doing is matching plugs - it may look like a lot of wiring but it's simple. Double check that all connections made to this point are fully connected. 
  • In addition, all the plugs connected to your vehicle will not be reused. Don't be alarmed if you have plugs that were removed from the factory radio and not reused with our bundle. 

Additional Soundstream Reserve Head Unit Notes:

  • The hand control module will be connected to the harness for you.
  • This kit is not compatible with bluetooth headsets or Sirius/XM

Step 2: Soundstream Reserve Head Unit Initialization

After making all the connections noted in Step 1, turn your ignition switch to accessory power.

  • The first screen shown will be the home screen
  • Allow the head unit to power up for 1 to 2 minutes before switching to the AM/FM radio source
  • Find a local radio station with a strong signal and test the volume controls on your handlebar controls
  • Connect your phone to the USB in your glove box. Allow the connection between your phone and your new Soundstream head unit via your cell phone prompt by selecting "yes". 

Additional Soundstream Installation Tips:

  • AM/FM Antenna: When looking at the back of your Sounstream head unit, your AM/FM connection is the second plug to the right of the main wire harness connection. This is where you will plug in the antenna removed from the factory radio. 
  • Factory USB Retention: To be able to utilize Apple CarPlay/Android Auto you will need to connect the factory USB to the first plug to the right of the main harness connection.
  • Soundstream Microphone: When looking at the back of the Soundstream radio, it is the black wire to the right with a female 3.5mm plug. This is where you will connect the provided microphone if you choose to use it. You will need to use the provided Soundstream microphone with the kit if you desire to use voice commands or talk on the phone. The recommended placement for the microphone is behind the windshield on top of the inner fairing. This provides the best wind noise protection. 
  • Use a Factory USB Cable: Using a factory Apple lightning phone cable or Android phone cable when making your connection for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is an absolute must. When we say factory, we mean just like the cable that originally came with your phone. It cannot be a cable that you bought from the grocery store or Amazon - those are, in most cases, charging cables and not charging/data cables. Also, remember - phone cables don't last forever - if you have connectivity issues in the future try to swap for a new cable. Also, frequently restart your phone as a way to prevent connectivity issues. 
  • Android Auto: Download the Android Auto app from the GooglePlay store. You cannot run Android Auto without downloading the app. If you're experiencing issues with Android Auto, here is a decent video that walks you through some troubleshooting of Android Auto. The head unit in the video is not a Soundstream device, nor is this head unit on a motorcycle - but the tips are still very relevant regardless of the brand of head unit or riding environment.

ZZAIR-DUO Pairing instructions:

  1. Plug in the ZZAIR-DUO into your factory USB in your fairing cubby
  2. Android users: please download the Android Auto app to your phone and "wireless" is set to "on" within the Android Auto settings. Apple users do not need to download anything additional. 
  3. The Soundstream head unit will recognize the ZZAIR-DUO unit as an iPhone or Android device and the CarPlay or Android Auto icon will display on the screen. Select the CarPlay or Android Auto option (depending on your device type) and the ZZAIR-DUO initial pairing screen will display on the screen. 
  4. On your phone, ensure Bluetooth and WiFi are on. From Bluetooth connections on your phone connect to the ZZAIR-DUO (AUTO-xxxx). 
  5. iPhone users: you must select through the 3 prompts on your phone (pairing mode, allow contacts, USE CARPLAY) before CarPlay will display on the screen. 
  6. Android users: there are no prompts for you to follow. Android Auto should display at this point. 
  7. And, you're done! Your iPhone/Android device will now automatically pair with your new Soundstream head unit for wireless CarPlay/Android Auto each time you turn on your motorcycle when your phone is on you or near the motorcycle. 

    Congratulations on installing your new Soundstream head unit bundle! Don't forget to share your before and after photos with us! Also, tag @notecycles on your favorite social media channel.

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