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ZZAIR-DUO Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto Adapter | 1998 - 2022 Harley-Davidson

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Easily add wireless CarPlay and Android Auto to your Soundstream Reserve HDHU.14, your Soundstream Reserve HDHU.14si or your Sony 7000 Kit with the ZZAIR-DUO wireless adapter.

Set up in about a minute following the provide step-by step pairing guide. After set-up, your phone will automatically wirelessly connect to your Soundstream or Sony Head Unit within seconds of turning on your motorcycle.

NOTE: This adapter is NOT compatible with the factory Harley-Davidson head units. 

Pairing instructions:

  1. Plug in the ZZAIR-DUO into your factory USB in your fairing cubby.
  2. Android users: please download the Android Auto app to your phone and make sure that "wireless" is set to "on" within the Android Auto settings. Apple users do not need to download anything additional. 
  3. The Soundstream head unit will recognize the ZZAIR-DUO unit as an iPhone or Android device and the CarPlay or Android Auto icon will display on the screen. Select the CarPlay or Android Auto option (depending on your device type) and the ZZAIR-DUO initial pairing screen will display on the screen. 
  4. On your phone, ensure Bluetooth and WiFi are on. From Bluetooth connections on your phone connect to the ZZAIR-DUO (AUTO-xxxx). 
  5. iPhone users: you must select through the 3 prompts on your phone (pairing mode, allow contacts, USE CARPLAY) before CarPlay will display on the screen. 
  6. Android users: there are no prompts for you to follow. Android Auto should display at this point. 
  7. And, you're done! Your iPhone/Android device will now automatically pair with your new Soundstream head unit for wireless CarPlay/Android Auto each time you turn on your motorcycle when your phone is on you or near the motorcycle. 

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