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Soundstream V2 Installation Guide | 2014+ Road Glide

Soundstream V2 Installation Guide | 2014+ Road Glide

Please follow these installation tips when you're ready to install your new
Soundstream V2 in your 2014+ Harley-Davidson® Road Glide.

The video linked below is from our Soundstream HDHU14SI install but the disassembly and reassembly steps are the exact same. 

Tools needed:

  • Panel removal tool
  • T25 torx bit
  • T27 torx bit
  • 3/16 hex bit
  • 1/8 hex bit
  • Ratchet wrench
  • Fender cover

Step 1

Disassembly of the outer fairing:

  • Remove the speaker grilles from the inner fairing by prying out closest to the handlebars with a plastic panel removal tool.
  • Remove the T27 torx bolt located towards the outside of the speaker.
  • Remove the T27 torx bolt located at the bottom of the fairing on the outer edge.
  • Remove the 3/16 hex bit to remove the screw securing the turn signal.
  • Place a cover over the front fender to protect the painted surface.
  • Remove the four 1/8 inch bolts that secure the windshield.
    • Remove the wind shield.
  • Remove the fairing vent by pulling straight up to release the retaining clips.
  • Disconnect any wiring harness connected to the outer fairing.
  • Remove the outer fairing.

Step 2

Removing the factory radio:

  • Remove the two T25 torx bit bolts that secure the metal support bracket located on top of the radio.
  • Disconnect all connections from the back of the factory radio.
    • Depress the tabs to release the connections
  • Using a 3/16 inch hex bit, remove the four bolts that secure the factory radio.
    • Set these to the side as they will be reused.
  • Lift the radio up and towards the front of the bike to remove.

Step 3

Installing the Soundstream V2 into your Road Glide:

  • Place the radio into the factory location and loosely place the four 3/16 inch bolts
  • Install the radio harness that came with you radio to the main factory plug.
    • Line up the connector and swivel the rocker until it locks.
  • Connect the factory USB to the back of the head unit.
  • Connect the factory AM/FM antenna to the back of the radio.
  • Install the provided microphone is you would like.
    • Insert into the microphone port. We suggest routing the microphone up to the top of the inner fairing so that it can be mounted on the backside of the windshield. (Behind the windshield towards the rider)
  • Install the Sirius XM tuner, if selected at checkout
  • Install the Sirius XM tuner into the Sirius XM connector on the back of the radio.
  • Install the supplied antenna to the tuner and mount the antenna.

Step 4

Testing the function of your Soundstream V2 radio:

  • Turn the ignition switch to accessory power
  • Turn the AM/FM tuner on and find a local radio station
  • Check the handlebar controls
  • If you selected to add or maintain Sirius XM, you will need to contact Sirius XM to activate or transfer your existing service plan to the new tuner ID.

Step 5

Replacing the outer fairing:

  • Replace the two T25 torx bolts that secure the black support bracket that sits on top of the radio.
    • The curve in the piece should face up towards the top of the fairing.
  • Replace the outer fairing.
    • We recommend using one of the windshield bolts to temporarily hold the outer fairing while you make the other connections.
    • Reconnect any wiring harnesses.
    • Replace the two 3/16 hex bolts that secure the turn signals.
    • Remove the temporary bolt
    • Install the fairing vent by pushing it into place.
    • Replace the windshield and replace the four 1/8 inch bolts and windshield trim.
    • Replace the two T27 torx bolts that secure the lower fairing.
    • Replace the two T27 torx bolts located near the speakers.
    • Replace the speaker grilles on each side.

Congratulations on installing your new
Soundstream V
head unit!

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