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Soundstream HDHU9813SG Installation Guide | 1998-2013 Street Glide, Electra Glide

Soundstream HDHU9813SG Installation Guide | 1998-2013 Street Glide, Electra Glide
Please follow these installation tips when you're ready to install your new
Soundstream HDHU9813SG in your
1998-2013 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide or Electra Glide!
Tools needed:
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • T 25 Torx bit
  • Ratchet wrench
  • Panel removal tool
  • Small flathead screwdriver
Step 1

Disassembly of the outer fairing:
  • Place a fender cover over the front fender to protect the painted surface.
  • Remove the three Phillips head screws securing the top of the fairing and the windshield.
  • Remove the windshield.
  • Remove the six bolts securing the inner outer fairing.
    • The first T25 bolt is located at the top of the fairing near the speaker grille. Repeat on the other side.
    • The second and third T25 bolts are located on the sides of the fairing. Repeat on the other side.
    • The last set of T25 bolts are located inside of the forks at the bottom of the fairing.
  • Once all bolts have been removed, you can lift off the outer fairing and disconnect the headlight connection.
Step 2

Removal of the factory radio:
  • Disconnect all connections from the back of the factory radio.
  • Use a 3/16th inch allen wrench to remove the four bolts securing the factory radio.
    • If you have the ball end allen wrenches those are preferred for the removal of the inner bolts.
  • Remove the factory radio by pulling straight back towards you, towards the front of the motorcycle (front fender).

Step 3

Removing the ignition switch:

  • Place the ignition switch into the fork lock position.
  • Place the key into the ignition
  • Feel for the push button on the bottom of the ignition switch
    • Depress the tab, turn the key counter clockwise and remove the ignition switch and spring.
Step 4

Installing your new Soundstream radio:
  • Place the radio into the fairing from the back of the motorcycle (gas tank).
  • The dash kit should fit snugly up to the outside of the inner fairing.
  • Secure the radio using the four factory 3/16th inch bolts.
  • We recommend starting all four bolts with your fingers to ensure that they are lined up before tightening them down with the ratchet.
  • Make the need connections to the radio.
    • Connect the main wiring harness by inserting the plug, swivel the locking tab until it clicks and locks into place. 
    • Connect the gauge connection for the turn signal indicator, neutral light to the factory connector from your motorcycle. 
  • If applicable, connect the rear speaker harness.
  • Connect the AM/FM antenna.
  • If applicable, connect the Sirius XM tuner to the radio.
    • Connect the provided antenna to the module and mount the antenna. We recommend mounting the antenna on the top of the inner fairing, but you may choose to mount it elsewhere.
  • If you choose, connect the provided microphone to the “MIC” port and mount the microphone. We recommend mounting the microphone on the top of the inner fairing just behind the windshield.
  • Mount the USB:
    • Remove the cigarette lighter.
    • Remove the retaining nut from the end of the USB.
    • Place the USB plug into the cigarette lighter hole from the back of the inner fairing. 
    • Secure the retaining nut on the other side.
Step 5

Replace the ignition switch:
  • Replace the spring
  • Place the ignition switch, make sure that it is pointed towards the fork lock position. 
  • At the same time, depress the button on the bottom and twist the key past unlock. 
  • Press the ignition into place and release the button. It should click into place. 
  • Turn the key back to the unlock position. 
  • Test function of the ignition switch. 
    • If you twist it to ignition or accessory and the ignition comes off than the switch is not secured properly. 

Step 6

Test your new Soundstream radio:
  • Turn the ignition to accessory power and allow the radio to fully start up. 
  • Check AM/FM function by finding a local radio station. 
    • Check sound output on all speakers.
  • Connect your phone to the USB and check either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto function.
  • If you are using wired Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, please ensure that you are using a factory cable (the one from the phone manufacturer) or an Anker brand cable.
  • Check your handlebar controls to ensure proper function.

Step 7

Reassembling your outer fairing:

  • Secure any loose wires with zip ties.
  • Reconnect the headlight connector and place the outer fairing back on the motorcycle.
  • We recommend placing one of the windshield bolts in to hold the outer fairing.
  • Line up and replace the T25 bolts inside of the forks at the bottom of the fairing.
  • Replace the T25 bolts along the each outside of the fairing.
  • Replace the windshield and secure with the three Philips head screws.

Extra Notes:

  • Maintaining Sirius/XM: Your new Sony single DIN plug & play bundle is Sirius/XM expandable. Connect your SXV300V1 to the back of the Sony head unit and use the supplied antenna. If you are already a Sirius/XM user, contact Sirius/XM to have your service transferred to your new tuner.
  • Use a Factory USB Cable: Using a factory Apple lightning phone cable or Android phone cable when making your connection is an absolute must. When we say factory, we mean just like the cable that originally came with your phone. It cannot be a cable that you bought from the grocery store or Amazon - those are, in most cases, charging cables and not charging/data cables. Also, remember - phone cables don't last forever - if you have connectivity issues in the future try to swap for a new cable. Also, frequently restart your phone as a way to prevent connectivity issues.

Congratulations on installing your new Soundstream radio!

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